What should you know about the new labeling of alcoholic beverages?

If you are a producer or consumer of alcoholic beverages, you should be aware of the new European regulation 2023 that regulates the labeling of these products. The aim of this regulation is to improve consumer information and to prevent misleading or confusing practices by manufacturers.

What information should be included on the label of an alcoholic beverage?

Under the new rules, all alcoholic beverages with a volume of alcohol greater than 1.2% must include on the label the following data:

Name or denomination(origin) of the drink: must indicate the type of drink it is (wine, beer, liquor, etc.).

– Name of the manufacturer: You must clearly identify who made the drink and where your headquarters or establishment are.

If it contains allergens or if it can cause adverse reactions: you should warn the consumer if the drink contains any ingredient that can cause an allergic reaction or intolerance (such as sulfites, gluten, lactose, etc.).

– A symbol indicating the low alcohol content (between 2% and 6%) or high (more than 6%): it must inform the consumer about the alcohol content of the drink and its possible health effects.

What benefits does this regulation have for consumers?

This regulation has several benefits for consumers:

On the one hand, it raises the level of protection and reduces errors in the perception of the drink due to incorrect labeling: it prevents the consumer from becoming confused about the type, origin, or quality of the drink he buys or consumes.

It also seeks to prevent misleading practices by alcohol companies: it prevents companies from using false or misleading names, images, or claims to attract or mislead consumers.

It also calls for greater market transparency and fair competition: it ensures that all producers and distributors comply with the same rules and conditions and respect consumers’ rights and interests.

The idea is that it allows for more informed and health-conscious decisions:by including nutritional information and allergens, consumers can better understand the energy value, nutrients and substances that can affect their health (such as sugars, saturated fats, or salt) that each drink contains.

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